Another Sneak Preview of Studio Pass: Kurt Ballou

I’ve already gushed enough about how great our upcoming collaboration with creativeLIVE and and Converge/God City Studio’s Kurt Ballou is going to be. It’s called Studio Pass: Kurt Ballou, and long story short if you want to learn an ass-ton of useful recording techniques from (in my opinion) the best recording engineer is the heavy music scene, tips demonstrated to be applicable not just in a studio but in your home or rehearsal spot or wherever you record, then it’s a class for you. And you can register for free here.


We already gave you a preview of what to expect last week, but here’s another glimpse. Kurt asked his fans what they were looking to hear and a lot of the response was “how do you get a badass guitar/bass tone?” So here’s a look at how Kurt blends clean and dirty tones.

Personally, I want to see how he mics and mixes drums to get so much power and cut while (as far as I can tell) avoiding sound replacement.

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