Metalhead to Head Returns: the Clash of Ben Weinman and Marty Friedman

Fuse TV have been putting out solid episode after solid episode with these Metalhead to Head features. The series continues this week with my favorite pairing yet, partially just due to personal bias: Marty Friedman and Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman.


It’s also a bit of a break from the usual format because it leans more on one guitarist. Maybe it’s because Marty is of an age that he was an influence on Ben, but the clips, especially the first one, are more Friedman focused. My fellow Jersey buddy Ben never picks up an axe during the sessions, and he seems to lead more with the questions. Not a complaint, but it’s interesting to observe the dynamic, as opposed to when Marty’s former bandmate in Megadeth David Ellefson shared the video King’s X bassist/frontman Dug Pinnick, and there was a more even peer vibe.

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