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"Self Pollution" is one of the best songs he's done in years.

Being comfortable on your instrument is one of the hardest things a musician can achieve - but how should you

He's coming back to burn the ground he missed the first time with the Inferno tour second leg!

Back in the USA for the first time in more than a decade!

Marty dishes the dirt on how to make "wrong bulls**t" sound like

And ultimately, to better articulate your melodies.

No surprise that every musician Marty picked for this project turned in an incredible performance.

No one cool will want you to sweep. Marty won't put up with that guff.

I was going to go for some topical Godzilla-esque title, about Marty Crossing the Pacific to terrorize Ben in New

I mean the album is called Inferno. I can't do italics in the header, or this description. But maybe he