Marty Friedman Wants You To Move Around, Japanese-Style, and With Conviction

It’s been a minute since we last checked in with our favorite Former-80s-Thrash-Star-Turned-Japanese-Pop-Star-Guitar-Player who filmed a bunch of instructional videos for Guitar World under the moniker “Full Shred” this past summer. It looks like the magazine has a bit more in the vault because they’ve just posted a new lesson in which Marty tackles moving melodic ideas around the fretboard, and shows how you can intersperse traditionally “correct” melodic patterns with “wrong” ones from different keys. As Marty says, as long as you play the “wrong” notes with conviction, and eventually move back into the “correct” notes of whatever scale you’re in, you can get away with doing something “wrong” (or “naughty”).


Marty also talks about his unique picking style, which to me looks like the technique of an orchestral guitarist. See below for more:

Total Guitar also posted a pretty cool clip of Marty talking about Japanese pop music and his improvisation style a few months back. This is interesting stuff, in case you missed it the first time round:

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