MARTY FRIEDMAN Pollutes Your Mind With the Official Music Video for “Self Pollution”


Marty Friedman is sort of like Harry Potter. He survived Megadeth and lived to tell about it. What’s better, he came out the other side and he didn’t just make music. He made ART. Marty is one of the most prolific virtuoso guitarists on the scene right now. He transcended the realm of thrash, and is now in the one true world of metal: Prog. Watch him break more barriers in this new music video for “Self Pollution”.

I love the way Marty looks when he plays. He really is a guitar player’s guitarist. He was so much soul and energy in every performance, and it looks like it’s rubbed off on the rest of the band as well. Everyone is going absolutely bonkers in this thing (The bass player looks like she might snap her goddamn neck she’s whipping it so fast). And the song is gorgeous to boot, despite its really corny 1980’s visuals. It’s the playing that matters, and it’s the star of the show here.

Marty’s got a fresh new album out called Wall of Sound, find it and grind it from his website. It doesn’t look like Marty has any tour dates coming up, but go like his page on Facebook in case some pop up and then feel good about it.

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