ENDRAH – “Priced Out of Paradise” Bass Playthrough


For anyone unfamiliar with Endrah, they’re a thrash/death metal outfit from Brazil. Or, perhaps a more all-encompassing term is one that they’ve coined to describe themselves: “deathrashcore.” This is the second playthrough that bassist Adriano Vilela has done for the band’s 2016 EP, Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up–the first of which can be seen here. The EP is also available for free download on their website. There’s really no excuse not to check it out.

If you have ears, eyes, and an internet connection that all work, Adriano clearly rips on “Priced Out of Paradise”; and he does it all on a fretless bass. I don’t know what kinda masochistic shit they like to pull down in Brazil, but executing this style of music on a fretless bass has gotta be right near the top of the “pain is pleasure” meter.

Speaking of pain, the Endrah dudes all have black belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As my fellow Gear Gods intern Zeke pointed out, it’d be wise to keep your hands to yourself if you ever get the opportunity to see them live. Like, don’t be that dick trying to wreck women and children in the pit because they’ll end you.

Endrah are just crushing the life thing. If feeling inadequate musically and physically rolls your socks up and down, keep tabs on these homies right here.

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