ENDRAH – ‘Shame’ Fretless Bass Playthrough

For those that don’t know, Endrah are a groovy-as-fuck Death/Thrash band from São Paulo, Brazil. Their bass player, Adriano Vilela, filmed this bass playthrough of ‘Shame’ just for us. Enjoy.


‘Shame’ is off Endrah’s 2016 EP Shoot, Shovel, Shut up. And, being the friendly guys that they are, they are currently letting people download the full EP for free over at their website. So uh, why not?

As you can see in the video above, Adriano is one skilled cat. Pulling out that two handed tapping on a fretless bass (and having it sound intelligible) is a pretty slick move. Even playing fretless bass in this kind of chunky groove-based band is bold. But Adriano makes it work surprisingly well here.

subtle nod to Sepultura with that Caslon Antique typeface

Endrah are notable for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they are one of the only standout bands that still champion that 90s groove metal sound. Which I’m gonna pin down to them being Brazil brahs and growing up listening to mid-period Sepultura. Although, I’m sure the Seppy influence is ubiquitous throughout Brazilian Heavy Metal and every band from Brazil is probably sick of the comparison (the Cavaleras are pretty much like the Kardashians over there right? Well, at least in terms of cultural influence).

However, Endrah do have their own unique spin on that groove metal sound. They actually sound more like… Meshuggah covering Pantera… covering Roots.

But the other thing about Endrah is that you probably wouldn’t want to pick a fight with them. They are some straight up BJJ black-belt-havin’ badasses. Like actual, real BJJ/MMAers. Brazilian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. So don’t get caught acting stupid at their show, or you might get triangle-choked into unconsciousness. Oss.

If you happen to be a Brazilian brah, check out Endrah on their upcoming tour with All Out Mutiny. Dates and deets are up on their Facebook page.

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