MARK MICHELL Has 3 Killer Tips For Tightening Up Your Bass Playing

Bass players, sit down. We guitarists, drummers and vocalists have been talking and we’re all concerned about you. Your playing… it’s… it’s off the rails. This is an intervention. For the sake of Glenn Fricker‘s future brain aneurysm and music producers everywhere, you need to clean up your bass playing.


Luckily for you, Low End University‘s Mark Michell (ex-Scale The Summit and current Tetrafusion string slapper) has the perfect 3-step program for your bass playing salvation. I hope you were taking notes and watched the above video carefully.

Don’t let this be you.

But really doe, I’m a bass player too and I know what most of us are like (semi-literate failed guitarists). A little less “keeping up with the guitarist”, and a little more focus on these techniques and fundamentals would benefit all of us. A tight, clean, well played bass will make any song sound 10 times heavier and Mark’s advice on muting technique is a surefire way of getting there.

And hey, if you really work on your “floating thumb”, your guitarist might let you record a few bass riffs on your band’s next album. You never know. Heck, your producer might even un-mute the bass tracks in the final mix. lol jk. This is metal, there hasn’t been a bassist on a recording since 1983.

Subscribe to the Low End University YouTube channel for more bass-based video lessons and helpful bass playing tips.

Keep up with Mark and his sick skills over at his official website.

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