THE WEEKLY RIFF: Olly Steele of MONUMENTS Breaks Down “A.W.O.L.”


For our latest edition of The Weekly Riff, we sat down with Monuments guitarist Olly Steele and took a look at the pre-chorus riff from their new song “A.W.O.L.” off their upcoming record Phronesis (out October 5th, 2018). The track is a clear banger from front to back, and the first single the band has put out from the new album. Prepare to get heavy!

You can pre-order Phronesis digitally here and get your hands on some sick pre-order bundles on the band’s website. The band will also be touring with Vola and Kadinja this Fall in support of the new record, so hurry get your tickets for that here (dates below).

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  • Equipment used? Awesome heavy sound!

    • For this we went Olly –> Ibanez –> Helix rack –> Apollo Twin –> Pro Tools. Glad you enjoy it dude!

      • Thanks for your helpful reply – I really like what you did there! :-)

  • Tuning used?

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