DISPERSE Spreads a Wave of Positive Sound at the 35th Anniversary of Mayones Guitars


Ever wonder what 51 minutes of awe feels like? Wonder no more! Polish Progressives DispersE recently played a mystical set at the 35th Anniversary of Mayoness guitars, and it was recorded with awesome quality audio and video for ya’ll.

DispersE know how to set a mood. There are lots of calm moments with synths and guitars that immediately shift into a wall of pure positivity. The whole set is stunning to hear, everyone performs so flawlessly. Hell, their interludes alone in this performance alone are better than most full songs. The boys know what they’re doing. Unfortunately, the performance is muddied by an overwhelming amount of bass at times (not knocking the player, just the mix), if not for that, the video would be perfect.

DispersE’s most recent album Foreward is out now and you can get with it at their bandcamp. Now excuse me while I listen to this all night and cry knowing I’ll never know beauty like this again.

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