Lord Dying Offer Pain, Poison, and Riffs

We’ve been exited here at Gear Gods HQ about what Portland, Oregon riff merchants Lord Dying have been up to this year. They just released their new album, Poisoned Altars, which they recorded with Toxic Holocaust brainchild and Audiosiege engineer Joel Grind, they just dropped a killer music video where they rip apart hipsters in Portland, and they’ve been out on one of the most high-profile tours of their career with Anvil.


Now, we get a group performance/playthrough video for the track “Offering Pain.” I have to say, hats off to Relapse Records for churning out these things, which they’ve done in the past for Abysmal Dawn and Revocation. Not only is it a cool intimate look at every musician in a group, it’s a pretty thrifty marketing tool – you get a video out on the cheap, which gets websites like ours riled up. Check it out below, along with the aforementioned hipster-slaying video:

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