Abysmal Dawn Spend their Time “Perfecting Slavery” with Obscura’s Christian Münzner

Okay, now I can tell them apart. In the past I may have gotten Abysmal Dawn guitarists Charles Elliot and Andy Nelson mixed up, but with different camera angles (and different guitars) there’s no such confusion. Know what else you shouldn’t be confused about? These guy play circles around the capabilities of the mortal brain. Or maybe they were ovals. Your brain can’t tell because they broke it.


Guitar World just posted one of those nifty “here’s a combined four-way playthrough but we also have separate ones available if you hate drums or some shit” videos for the Abysmal Dawn song “Perfecting Slavery,” not unlike the one we premiered yesterday featuring Wretched. I have to admit that Guitar World may have one-upped us, because our dastardly competitor included a bonus solo by ex-Obscura/Necrophagist guitar superhero Christian Münzner. See, that’s why Guitar World gets the big bucks.

Something did Abysmal dawn on me while watching the footage though: I think I prefer playthroughs that don’t feature straight album audio. Sure, it’s great that you can see how each part is played, visually, but I think it’s better to actually hear the performance, even just to enjoy the musician’s specific tone when it can shine above the mix. I love getting that perspective on the sound and the take. Hell, you can even fake it and just use the canned album performance, just mixed louder. But oh well, we take what we can get, and what we got is a sick playthrough vid. So I can’t complain.

Bonus question: what do you think Scott Fuller is using that Roland TD-6V drum module for? Click track?  Live samples? Beer holder?

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