Extinction Level Event – Live Video of All-Bass Metal Band

Ever since we broke the story of the band with three bass players, Extinction Level Event has been on a steady upward tick. Certainly not anyone’s conventional definition of what a metal band should sound like, they nonetheless have been soldiering on, gaining traction despite all reasonable expectation.


Even just yesterday they joined the crazy Canadian Glenn Fricker in an all-star monster mamma jam of Glenn’s theme song. Not sure if that qualifies as having made it, but that’s pretty good in my book. Plus, it was super funny.

But since their first and second singles dropped, I’ve been curious to know: what does it sound like in real life? Can they pull it off? Will it just be a mud fest, is it all studio magic, can they even play?

Hopefully this video will have all the answers to those questions, and more.

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