All-Bass Metal Band Extinction Level Event Doesn’t Need Guitars to Groove

Our next installment in Bass Day rolls on with a band that loves bass more than most rappers I know (this may be fate, as this band shares their name with a Busta Rhymes jam). No fewer than 3 five-string basses make up the harmonic content of the band Extinction Level Event, plus drums and vocals. This was bound to happen, as guitars gain more and more low strings and the sonic territory of bass becomes more and more encroached upon, and now these three bassists have revolted and formed a No Guitars Allowed club.


You’re thinking right now that this is gonna suck, right? Holy SHIT was I surprised. This is actually incredibly sick. It’s reminiscent of Meshuggah or PDP, but without guitars taking up precious sonic real estate. Normally I would find it lacking but somehow it’s just… bangin.

Spinal Tap would be proud. You’ve got to have armadillos in your trousers to pull this kind of move.

Spinal Tap Big Bottom

Do you think this is a trend that will continue, or a one-off that’ll go nowhere?

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