INTERLOPER Leave You In “Silence” After This Exclusive Drum Playthrough By Aaron Stechauner

In celebration of the release of their long-awaited EP, A Revenant Legacy, progressive metal band Interloper have graced our presence with a brand new drum playthrough for their song “Silence”! You may have seen members Miles Dimitri Baker, Andrew Virrueta, and Aaron Stechauner around these parts before, so you might know how much of a treat you’re in for with this exclusive playthrough by Aaron. You can bet (on this site) that you’re gonna enjoy the hell out of this.


“Silence” is a lot of things we here at Gear Gods appreciate in metal: heavy, techy, and melodic. It’s fast enough to be blown away by Aaron’s impressive drumming but groovy enough to bang your head to and juuust hide away the tears welling up in your eyes from knowing you won’t get to see Interloper play live for a while until the world returns to normal. But while the new EP stands tall on its own, it also serves as a stepping stone for the band’s upcoming full-length record, so you bet your buns we’re excited to hear what else the band has cookin’.

From Aaron:

“I’m particularly excited about this release because putting out this video means I don’t have to play it anymore! [laughs] This is a pretty old song and I’ve been playing it for a long time now; it feels nice being able to finally make it public. Hopefully, you enjoy because I may never play this song again! I’m pretty sure the Stones took Satisfaction out of the set on a couple of tours, so I’m good… right? P.S. the running title of about 4 years for this song was ‘Clown Baby’.”

As for Aaron’s gear, here’s what he’s rocking:

Be sure to grab A Revenant Legacy now digitally via Nuclear Blast, and follow the band on Facebook and Instagram.

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