NAMM 2015 – Darkglass Electronics’ New Onboard Bass Preamp and Duality Fuzz

Darkglass makes onboard bass preamps now. If you’re a low end slinger this is huge news, because the company is already the most sought-after name in overdrive pedals for the bass guitar (although I’d kill for a 2-channel version). So now you can have that glass mainlined into your instrument directly.


At the NAMM booth there was Nolly Getgood’s signature Dingwall bass (I tried it and the fanned frets confused the hell out of me) now featuring this new Darkglass preamp, which has been named the Tone Capsule. The Periphery bassist has been a big part in spreading the gospel of Darkglass, and I’d wager that plenty of folks are rocking the B7K pedal in order to get a tone like the one heard on the new Juggernaut record(s). The folks at Dark Glass walked us through not just these Tone Capsule, but also the new Duality fuzz, and the company’s existing line of pedals.

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  • I’m not sure I get it; what was new about the Duality except it’s in white instead of the old black?

  • This only really told us that their products exist.

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