THE WEEKLY RIFF – HELLKEEPER Teach You Single-Double Kick Drums

We here at Gear Gods are super excited about Hellkeeper‘s new album A World Within Flesh, dropping April 7th. The album is sure to go down as one of 2017’s best-sounding releases, courtesy of a tight recording by Chris Bittner at Applehead Studios, which has produced albums by Coheed and Cambria and Bad Brains. If you’re a fan of Trap Them, Rotten Sound, Converge, and the like, then you’re gonna want to give this a spin.


Drummer Mike Pistone is a heck of a player (see this old performance with Okosu for an example of his technique), so we enlisted him to give a brief lesson on how to nail double-kick-sounding drum parts when you’re a single-kick player. He demonstrates the technique over Hellkeeper’s new track “Cycle,” which you can check out below:

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