The Gear Gods [Almost] Weekly Gear Giveaway, Powered by Dunlop: Week 3

Bass strings. NEW bass strings. Holy hell, if only we could get every bassist to restring with some kind of regularity great tone would be so much more common. Yeah, I know, they cost more than guitar strings. But it’s no shocker that Glen Fricker’s #1 bass recording tip was to just put some fresh nickel on there.


So now we’re giving them away, because that’s how badly we want you to sound great. We’ve teamed up with Dunlop to get you a free 3-pack of Heavy Core Bass Strings, specifically designed for the aggressive tones and deep tunings that are your bedrock of thump.


“Heavy Core Bass Strings are for bass players who tune down and dig in. We craft these strings with thicker core wires for standard feel and tonal definition. With Heavy Core Bass Strings, you can play with your natural attack and retain big, punchy fundamentals when tuning below E-Standard. Each Heavy Core Bass String set is optimized for a specific range of tunings: Heavy for Drop D and D Standard; Heavier for Drop C and C Standard; and Heaviest for Drop B and B Standard.”

In need of some serious bass strings? Then all you have to do is fill out the form below. The winner will be chosen at random on Thursday, January 29th.

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  • been looking for these for a while. killer strings.

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