NAMM 2015 – Kalium Strings and the Most Insane Basses in the World


If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “hot damn I wish I had some bass strings that I could use to strangle an elephant” then Kalium Strings can hook you up with what you need. Stay tuned to around the halfway point of the video for a .266 gauge string slung across a 40″ scale bass. Yes, that translates to a 13.75 Hz low A note, which means you can tune down a full octave below Fieldy from Korn… among other things.

I’m just going to let this video and it’s basses-to-end-all-basses speak for itself while I imagine how cool it’d be to play through a wall of 810s with some of these instruments. If I threw on an octave pedal would the Earth collapse in on itself?

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