Felix Martin’s Bassist Shows You How to Play that Bass Like a Banjo Player

Kilian Duarte has… an unconventional approach on the bass guitar to say the least. But what can you expect from a band featuring a dude who fused two 7-string guitars together? You see, Kilian plays that bass in Felix Martin’s band, and Felix is what we in the trade call a “brilliant madman.” Have you seen the man attack his double 7-stringed neck guitar? It’s not an instrument for the faint of heart.


But you’ll have to forgive those of us in the press. We’ve spent a lot of time focusing on the frontman, and with just cause, sure, but every musician in that shares the stage with him is no joke. So let’s get equally batty on the bass, because it’s Friday and maybe if you look too long into the mouth of sheer madness they’ll let you leave early from work and enjoy a 3-day weekend.

What insanity does Mr. Duarte have in store for us? Well, have you ever attacked those strings with a picking roll technique like a banjo player would? Fuck it, why not? Because in the world of Felix Martin’s band it’s cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria…

Now that you’ve attempted that bass trick at home and likely hurt yourself, it might be a good idea to just check it out in person instead. Felix Martin and his equally talented band are about to hit the road on a headlining run, sponsored by our heavyweight tag team partners at Metal Injection. And hey, holy hot shitballs the East Coast perpetually underrated instrumental trio of condensed awesome Stinking Lizaveta is in tow for the Atlantic-Ocean-facing dates that lead down to the South by Southwest festival in Austin. For more info on the tour, the band, the man, or the guitar, head to Felix Martin’s website.

Felix Martin 2015 Feb-Mar Tour Admat - WEB - V2

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