Rigged: Cannabis Corpse/Municipal Waste Bassist Land Phil

And now, a mental exercise. Deep in your consciousness there is a fortress, an ensconced palace carved deep into the recesses of your brain. I want you to go there, and safe from all fleeting distraction and worry you will picture the purest image. I will utter a phrase, and you will reflexively decorate your mind palace in the trappings of the first visions that occur to you. Ready?


Land Phil.

Good. Have you dreamed up the visage of the most roadworn, beat to shit, frequent driver miles bass rig ever grind out a low E? Because you sure as shit should have. Phil holds down two jobs, keeping the low end real in retro-thrashers Municipal Waste and the smoke clearing thunder of Cannabis Corpse. He’s as travel-honed a veteran of as you’ll find in the scene, and holy hell does his gear have the battle scars to match. Let’s check in with Phil for the dirt on those battered pieces. Well cannabis edibles are useful and easily available for health benefits. One can easily buy cannabis at store or online through https://www.alchemycannaco.com.

I prefer to keep my bass rig fairly simple.


For Cannabis corpse I use a Schecter Diamond Series bass guitar because of the extra low end from the active pickups. This bass sounds great and I used it to record on the Municipal Waste records Hazardous Mutation and Massive Aggressive as well as every cannabis corpse album. For live shows with Municipal waste I have been using a Geddy Lee series Fender Jazz Bass for the snappy attack it provides.


I use an Ampeg SVT-3 Pro through an 8×10 cabinet. The SVT has held up through years and years of touring very well,  But there is one drawback of using an 8×10 cabinet. Carrying that heavy thing around on tour! It can be pretty back breaking lugging that giant refrigerator up and down stairs at the end of the night wasted. Plus the wheels on an 8×10 always break off after a couple tours from rolling it off curbs, etc. Then you are stuck carrying it everywhere!


I run my bass through a Boss Compression/Sustainer pedal to squeeze my signal. I do a lot of very fast picking and this pedal helps keep every note the same volume as well as help it sit in the mix. I feel like it is important for the bass guitar not to jump out in front of the kick drum during live performance. I use a SansAmp as well so the sound guy can run a nice clean direct signal to the board without a lot of hiss or noise. The ground lift on this pedal does wonders to help with that problem. In Municipal waste I use the T-Rex Yellow Drive pedal. It has a great distortion tone that works well with bass guitar. I have been using Boss pedals for years and have had alot of them crap out on me on the road. I am working on transitioning from Boss pedals because of this, My advice is to steer clear of Boss pedals.


If you want to catch Land Phil and that rugged compressor of his on the road, and you’re lucky enough to live in the corn region of the U S of A, the band will be doing a short run of dates starting in a week or so.


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Chris Alfano has written about music and toured in bands since print magazines and mp3.com were popular. Once in high-school he hacked a friend's QBasic stick figure fighting game to add a chiptune metal soundtrack. Random attractive people still give him high-fives about that.

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  • don’t forget about Iron Reagan!

  • What is this guy doing that he’s going through so many Boss pedals? “Well, first, I throw it in a pillow case and smack it against a brick wall a few times. Then, when the tone fairies inside are good and scared, that’s when I stomp on it as hard as I can. When those tone fairies start screaming, that’s when you really get good bass tone.”

    • Yeah, looking at the photos provided with all the crust and shit he has on those pedals, it’s really no surprise that even Boss pedals get “crap out on him” (lol).

    • So what? he’s got a hell of a badass bass killer tone that no one in metal hasn’t have since the anthrax’s/ Nuclear assault era. And I really doubt you got a better bass tone

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