So, you might know Joey Jordison from a band that he used to be in, they’re kind of a big deal. Joey is now playing with his new band VIMIC, and in this gear rundown for Digital Tour Bus he talks you through his equipment that he is currently using out on tour.


Joey is undoubtedly a bad-ass drummer, and some of the stuff he laid down in Slipknot is right at the top of metal’s drummer elite. Since then he has had some health issues, which is a real shame.  Apparently he had been quietly struggling with the neurological condition Acute Transverse Myelitis, which is an inflammation of the spinal cord that damages nerve fibers. This ultimately led to Joey losing the use of his legs. Through rehabilitation he managed to muster the strength to walk again. His departure from one of metal’s biggest bands back in 2013 couldn’t have been easy on its own, let alone with the health problems he has encountered.

He recently stated in reference to the band’s new album “Open Your Omen”, that “These guys and this album pushed me to not only relearn how to walk, but how to play the drums again.” It seems Joey has approached this with a great sense of positivity and his new outfit has given him a real reason to continue doing what he loves to do. In the video he explains how he once worked all summer when he was young just to afford a drum kit, so seeing him back on the drum throne is really great to see.

Recently the band postponed its European tour in order to finish work on the new album, which seems a bit strange to me that you would go to the trouble of booking a whole tour, but what the hell. “The band and I feel horrible but I want to give fans the best experience possible and we felt completing the album before the tour makes the most sense,” Joey states.

Will we see Joey back at the helm of Slipknot someday? What do you reckon?

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