Unearth are one of metal’s most criminally underrated bands of all time. Ever since I heard “Black Hearts Now Reign” on a Metal Hammer compilation DVD years ago I’ve been hooked. They combine crushing metal/hardcore riffs with some heavy as balls breakdowns. Obviously the term “metalcore” has been a dirty word for a long time now, but put all those connotations to one side and give these guys the time they deserve. They’ve slogged it out since their inception when other bands from the scene have wilted and died, showing utter determination and resilience to bring their own brand of heavy metal to the world. Their most recent album Watchers of the Rule also brings some serious quality to the table and is definitely worth checking out.


Their live show has always been sick as fuck too. Guitarist Ken Susi and Buzz McGrath are only little people but they can cover some serious distance whilst smashing out some intricate and fast paced riffs. I’ve seen Ken hit a beer bong while hammering out a riff and I’ve seen Buz play for Lamb of God and completely hold it down while jumping off a stack of cabs.

Obviously the gear that a band uses also helps them to sound their best. The lads kindly talked to Gear Gods about their rig and told us what helps them destroy.

Check out the boys giving you a full run down of the equipment they use and their tricks for sounding as good as possible. I do wish Ken Susi was in it too though.

They are currently out on tour with Iced Earth, Kataklysm and Ensiferum so if you’re scared that they aren’t metal enough for you then you need to shut up and get yourself to a show. I assure you they will blow each one of those bands right off the stage each night.

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