Seymour Duncan Releases Wes Hauch Jupiter 6 String Pickup Set

It’s only been a short while since Seymour Duncan first premiered the 7 string bridge version of the Wes Hauch signature Jupiter pickup. Pretty much as soon as that pickup came out, fans instantly made it clear that they also wanted a 6 string version and a neck iteration. It appears as though Seymour Duncan and Mr. Hauch have heard your prayers and decided to release a 6 string bridge AND neck version of Wes’s signature Jupiter pickup.


I am personally a very big fan of the 7 string bridge version of this pickup and have spent quite a bit of time with it. If this 6 string set is anything like the 7 string version (and you know it is), I think the metal pickup market just got a hot new contender for the top spot. I think at this point it is universally understood that Wes is the guy to call if your tone needs saving, so there is really no need to gush here. You know these pickups are going to sound fantastic.

The Jupiter 6 string set features dual stainless steel rails in both the neck and bridge positions. This is a high output wind that has been carefully designed by Wes and Seymour Duncan to capture that super articulate and focused midrange sound that Wes is known for without sounding boxy or uneven. I have seen a lot of people compare this pickup to the Dimebucker, but I don’t personally think that they sound anything alike. While both pickup sets look similar and Wes is an avid Dimebag fan, I think that comparing the two is unfair. The Jupiters are 100% in their own lane sonically and I think that they will go on to become a household name at Seymour Duncan for many years to come.

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