Xotic’s XB-2 Bass Is Double Quilted (Just Like Toilet Paper)

One of the things I’ve quickly found from my time running Gear Gods is that you just can’t keep tabs on every single company. For example, since when does Xotic make guitars and basses? Have they always done so, but I was only aware of their pedals (the B.B. Preamp and X-Blender are two best-in-class stompboxes for their respective jobs, in my opinion)? Or is this a new development.


Regardless, I took notice of this Xotic XB-2 bass for one simple reason: it’s double quilted. Yes, like toilet paper. Usually if a guitar has flame or quilted maple we’re just looking at a top piece of wood with a mahogany back, maybe alder or whatnot. But it’s pretty rare to see that pattern extend all the way around the guitar.

The neck is maple as well, with an ebony fretboard, and the pickups of choice are made by Kent Armstrong. There’s also a Hipshot bridge and tuners, and the preamp is 18v. If Xotic is bringing the same level of quality to their basses that they do to their pedals then consider my interest seriously piqued.

Xotic Bass front

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