HYPNO5E Guitarist Jonathan Maurois Brings You Out “On The Dry Lake” In This Exclusive Playthrough

Pelagic Records is a record label founded by The Ocean/The Ocean Collective’s Robin Staps, and as you can imagine, when you’ve got that kind of impeccable taste, the sorts of records that will be curated to the discerning connoisseur are going to be top-notch across the board.


Such is the case with the recent Hypno5e album A Distant (Dark) Source which was released late last year, before we were all quarantined with a lot of time to ourselves – Jonathan talks about how this led to the playthrough you see here:

On the Dry Lake is one of the most technical tracks on “A Distant (Dark) Source”, whether it’s its speed (180 bpm) or because of some tricky hand shifting riffs. It’s also the opening track of the album and the opener for our live shows. This track is a good way to practice endurance and technical precision especially going back and forth between Sixteenth notes. Since France has been on lock down it’s given me (and the band) more time to hone our craft (technique and theory) and to do what fans have wanted for years: more playthroughs.

Hypno5e Guitarist Jonathan Maurois

Enjoy the fruits of Hypno5e’s extra time in the playthrough video above (with onscreen tabs if you feel like jamming along) and be sure to check out the full release of A Distant (Dark) Source available from the following places:

North America

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