Boss Is Also Releasing a New Amp Modeller: the GT-001

First we caught wind of Atomic Amplifiers and Studio Devil’s Amplifire modeller, and now it seems that Boss has a new virtual amp wunderbox en route to stores as well. It’s the GT-001, and the numbering is similar to Boss’ existing GT-100 because it seems to be a similar unit sans the foot controls. According to the press release it has “COSM amps and effects equivalent to the GT-100.”


This makes sense. Many of us are much more prone to use digital modelers at home than at a gig. But the GT-001 is as much a USB interface as it is a tone generator. Hell, it has an XLR input for capturing vocals/ukelele/hambone solos with a microphone. My favorite new feature is a guitar to midi converter though, for those of you who want to cover “The Final Countdown” without dealing with the confusing “white” and “black” keys on a keyboard. I know how much they scare you with their opposing color schemes.

Oh, and it can be powered via USB without an additional AC adapter. Useful!

Here’s the full feature rundown from Boss:

  • Premium amps and effects in a stylish desktop unit
  • Includes BOSS’ latest COSM® amp models, powerful MDP effects, and more
  • Flexible routing of amps and effects through two effect chains
  • Advanced multi-channel USB audio/MIDI interface for flexible recording and efficient re-amping
  • Compatible with GT-100 Version 2.0 sound patches
  • Panel knobs for adjusting sounds and dedicated buttons for calling up favorite tones
  • BOSS TONE STUDIO editor/librarian for Mac/Windows and custom patches available at
  • XLR mic input with phantom power; specially designed effects patches for vocals and acoustic guitars
  • 1/8-inch input for connecting a stereo device such as a smart phone or music player
  • Monophonic guitar-to-MIDI conversion from normal 1/4-inch guitar input
  • Jack for connecting an expression pedal or up to two footswitches for real-time effects control and patch changes
  • Powered by USB bus or included AC adapter

Source: Guitar World

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