Here’s Full of Hell Playing With a Trumpet Player

I’ve waxed lots of poetic on Full of Hell, touting their 2014 collab with Merzbow my number 2 metal album of the year. I was lucky to catch them live a couple times at SXSW, where they were playing with a saxophonist, and was utterly… shocked. I mean, this band is really doing something that I have no language-capacity to describe. It’s very exciting.


The band is on tour right now with overlords The Body, and from what I hear the shows have been absolutely ridiculous. The band are playing live with a trumpeter, for fuck’s sake. Doing weird shit. Luckily our dudes at hate5six were onsite at the tour’s stop in Philadelphia at First Unitarian Church the other night to film the absurdity. Check out the band’s full live set below:

If you miss this tour I feel bad for you son. Get dates here.

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  • They’ll probably end up doing some insane John Zorn shit if they keep a trumpeter on deck.

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