Amplifire by Atomic Amps and Studio Devil Wants to Bring Competition to Amp Modelling

Well this is exciting: more high quality amp modelers to compete with the Axe-FX and Kemper modellers of the world (and to a lesser extent Boss, Line6, etc). That product is the Amplifire, a collaboration between Studio Devil and Atomic Amplifiers.


I actually hadn’t heard of Studio Devil before, but upon asking Google “what devilry is this?” it responded with information on how they make tube emulation software. Atomic Amplifiers was on my radar though. Maybe you remember them from those old Atomic Reactor amps that you could dock a Line6 POD into, but you probably just know them as the company that makes the powered cabs that Animals As Leaders plug their Fractals into.

So it makes sense that these brands are teaming up, with (I assume) Atomic handling the hardware and Studio Devil programming the software. If you want to hear the Amplifire in action, take a listen to the clip below from former Fates Warning/current Freedoms Reign guitarist Victor Arduini. No post processing was used. No apostrophes were used either.

I haven’t managed to track down any pricing info yet, but if you want to reserve a spot on the wait list for this yet-to-be-released product you can do so here.

Source: Guitar Noise

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