Want to Master this Solo Bass NIN Cover? You Might “Hurt” Yourself in the Process

First of all, let me get this out of the way. It’s weird to marry a bass. Sure, I’ve loved a bass. Maybe even slept with one. That slender neck. The contour of the body. But to take its name in matrimony? Dude, come on. This is a slippery slope and you’re skipping down it with an open bucket full of oil. Once we allow marriage to a bass, what’s next? Marrying bassists?


But it seems that’s the strange case of Zander Zon: not his birth name, obviously. Nope, he fell for that bass so hard, and took its name. Still, we have to look past that. Ignore how intimate he is with the strings. His total control, dominance even, as he handles the fingerboard.

Enjoy now, as he makes you “Hurt.”

p.s. In face you were wondering, yes, that is a high open tuning. According to his comments on the YouTube video, that Zon is tuned A, E, C, E. The bass model itself is a Zon VB4 and that weirdo bridge on it is made by ABM.

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