Fender Wants You to Design Whatever Screwball Guitar You Want

Okay, contrary to my hopes when I titled this article, Fender’s new American Design Experience build-your-own-guitar website won’t let you build anything as joyously stupid as we found when Halo guitars put their build-your-own site online. No “Inception” or “Inexplicably Inverted Birdman,” unfortunately. I guess Fender have a reputation of quality that they want to maintain or blah blah blah. Come on guys, you’ll never go viral with a “blonde vintage Telecaster.” Put a bird on it.


Well fine, let’s all be buttoned up and proper. For those of you who want a very nice guitar and not some dumb bullshit, head over to Fender’s website and start customizing an American-made Fender to your exact specs. Some of the options seem a little limited, like for example I might be missing something but I can’t find any option for a 5-string bass. I also would have loved to see a non-glossy natural wood option.

But small nitpicks like that aside, it’s a useful page for those of you in the market for a USA Fender but want it to your own exacting specifications. Got a few minutes to mess with options on a website? Take a look.

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  • That was shit.

  • AWESOME…. so maybe i am going to design a STRATOCASTER, or a STRATOCASTER, or a STRATOCASTER, or a STRATOCASTER, or a STRATOCASTER, or a STRATOCASTER, or a STRATOCASTER or a TELECASTER…. the sheer endless possibilities are mind boggling, WOW!!!

  • This sucks big time. You can’t even make a Strat with two humbs or a fixed bridge also no Humb and single combination for Tele… and you can go for hours about flaws of this application.

  • Yeah thats no good. Fender had a custom guitar page a while ago that had way more options. You could spend hours just mucking around with colours. You could actually make something unique but you couldn’t buy what you made so i guess this is a step in that direction but its still crap.

  • Pretty much useless unless you want to pay an overinflated price for a guitar that looks and plays exactly like any other stock fender out there.

  • All I have to say to you pussies is hey wa hey wa hey wa fuck you!

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