Zon Goes Old School with Mosaic Mojo Basses *Updated

If there’s one thing I’m not used to seeing on a Zon bass it’s P or J pickups. Oh, and pick guards. So two things, actually. I’m still in shock. I have seen the occasional deviations from the norm on their custom basses, but they’re few and far between.


But that’s what Zon is featuring in the company’s new Mosaic Mojo basses, which are available in Alder or Ash bodies. For components you’ll be getting Aguilar 60 series pickups, dot or block inlays, and a 3-piece maple neck with either a maple or rosewood fretboard. Those Aguilar pickups come in double single coil or P/J configurations, and I’ve yet to find any conclusive info on whether they’re hooked up to a preamp. I’m assuming not given the limited number of knobs, but I’ll update the article if I find out for sure.

Update: Zon contacted us to give us some more specs on the different versions of these basses.

Passive ($899 street price)
J & PJ Option
2 band low noise pre with great dynamic range
Aguilar 60 series PU
Red, White, Blue
Active ($999 street price)
J & PJ Option
3 band Passive/Active pre
Aguilar 60 series PU
Red, White, Blue
Both are available in Natural & Sunburst with Ash body for an additional $200.
Passive – $1099 for Natural or Sunburst
Active – $1199 for Natural or Sunburst

Source: No Treble

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