Sofy Major In-Studio Documentary Survived Super Storm Sandy

If I were to record an album in Brooklyn near the Hudson River’s banks, I certainly wouldn’t have chosen late October, 2011. It’s been well documented that a well-loved local studio, Translator Audio, was demolished by flooding water by Super Storm Sandy that month, but not as much press has been devoted to the band who were in the middle of recording a record at the time: Sofy Major.


These three dudes flew all the way over from France to track with the studio’s owner, the incomparable Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Rosetta, Made Out Of Babies, Keelhaul, etc), only to have their session and gear completely trashed in the process. Yet somehow, through force of will and the generosity of  the the music and recording community in the area, they managed to pull through and jump from studio to studio to complete their album Idolize (and then jumped immediately into a van to begin an East Coast tour of the States).

The band is now releasing a documentary covering the entire ordeal, and we’re proud to be premiering it. So the next time you feel like you’re having a rough recording session, at least you now have some perspective.

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