EBS has made a name for itself as one of the go-to companies for bass pedals, even though the bulk of their stompable lineup could really be considered clef-agnostic. I think it’s their Multi-Comp pedal, which compresses different frequency ranges separately, that’s garnered them the reputation. That type of approach to dynamics is most useful on bass, and I can’t think of another multi-comp on the market, so it’s the pedal most commonly associated with EBS. Or it could be that the company’s full name is EBS Professional Bass Equipment. Or it could be that their website is www.bass.se. Anyway, my only point is that a lot of their pedals sound pretty good on guitar too.


I guess a lot of bassists are buying the company’s Valve Drive pedal, or maybe they’re just catering to the ampless project-studio crowd, who knows, but EBS has revised this tube distortion pedal and added an XLR DI. Makes sense to me. Even better news: instead of 12vAC, the Valve Drive now runs on 9vDC. However, it requires 1000mA so do your research to see if it’ll work with your current power supply of choice.

The Valve Drive isn’t in stores yet but should be shipping soon, and it sounds like EBS will have them on display at NAMM.


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