Goodie! More Royal Thunder In-Studio Video Clips

We’re getting excited for the new Royal Thunder album, Crooked Doors. After writing about their new in-studio series documenting the making of the album a few weeks ago, there’s been a deluge of content from the band – new songs, new vids, a great performance at SXSW, you know the deal. Everyone seems to be hopped up on this band right now… and with good reason – judging from the tunes that Relapse has dropped, this album looks to be one of the highlights of early 2015.


I wasn’t kidding, right? I’m sure you want to learn a bit more about this band now that you’ve heard THAT shit. Well don’t sweat, just check out the two new Crooked Sessions videos which go in-depth into the tracking processes for drummer Evan Diprima and guitarist Josh Weaver, courtesy Relapse, below:

Crooked Doors drops on April 7 via Relapse.

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