Royal Thunder In-Studio: MLNY Parsonz And More

One of my favorite modern frontwomen is Royal Thunder’s MLNY Parsonz, who plays bass, sings, and now even plays piano (!) in the band. In addition to being the hardest, baddest member of the band, she has a beautiful voice and innate tuneful sense. Royal Thunder’s melodies are easily one of my favorite aspects of the band, so I was excited to get more of a behind-the-scenes look at MLNY’s recording process.


Check it out, along with the band’s final in-studio update, including some discussion about producer/engineer Joey Jones, below. Joey is a great producer, who runs Aria Recording Studio in Marietta, Georgia. Joey gives his thoughts about the album, as well as about his production style. Unlike a lot of bands in the general metal sphere, vibe is a crucial element of Royal Thunder’s mystique and literal sound, so it’s great to hear from the man who twiddled the knobs for the new record.

Crooked Doors is out now on Relapse.

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