THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER: Brandon Ellis Slays Guitar Playthrough of “Removal of The Oaken Stake”

Wizard shredder Brandon Ellis of The Black Dahlia Murder has recently sat down with Guitar World to blaze through a guitar playthrough of the band’s song “Removal of the Oaken Stake.” The track is taken off the band’s brand new album Verminous, out now!


As with many Black Dahlia tunes, the song has a ton of neoclassical riffs that sound like something from Beethoven’s wet dream. Brandon specifically brings a lot to the table, having a wide range of hard rock and metal influence. I mean, just like Trevor Strnad, the dude is a walking metal historian and his riffs show that. CHECK IT OUT.

As always, follow Brandon on his Instagram. Follow the band on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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