THE WEEKLY RIFF – Guitarist Brandon Ellis of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER Breaks Down “Matriarch”


On this week’s edition of The Weekly Riff, we got the chance to meet up with guitarist Brandon Ellis of The Black Dahlia Murder. The dude is a well-known shredder in the metal world and we were eager to get a one-on-one lesson for a riff of his choosing.

Brandon breaks down the chorus riff from the song “Matriarch” off the band’s latest record Nightbringers. The riff has that classic TBDM relentlessness, but still brings forth a bit of melody to accompany the aggression. Once played slow, you can start to see some of the thinking that goes into the band’s writing process, and that’s pretty dang neat.

You can hear similar riffs all over Nightbrighers by pre-ordering it here, and also catch the band on the Nightbringers North American Tour 2017 here. Stay riffy!

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  • This guy is awesome, but the riff wasn’t impressive haha

  • Ladies will be jealous cause his hair!

  • Maybe he’s born with it, maybe its Metalbalene

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