BIG EAR n.y.c. Wants You To Get to Know Frank

BIG EAR n.y.c., a Brooklyn-based pedal company, sure as hell know how to establish a brand. They’re like auteurs of pedal design: every aspect of their business, from the look of the pedals, to the sound, to the fonts, has a vision that you don’t often see with instrument manufacturers, who are so often content to just slap a logo on something.


But BIG EAR doesn’t just talk the talk: they walk the walk. And to accompany you on this walk, they’ve got a fella named FRANK, an LED-based low-gain boost/overdrive. Be warned though, because FRANK might Kill some Klons while on your walk. The company has released a new demo video for the pedal, which shows off the beautiful sound, as well as versatility, that the pedal offers.

BIG EAR is also currently raising money via PledgeMusic for two great causes: to get their asses to NAMM in style, and to donate a nice chunk of change to the advocacy and charity organization Autism Speaks. Check out the video below, in which founder Grant Wilson talks about the company’s upcoming line of pedals, as well as his own experience with Aspergers syndrome. Check it out, then get off your butt and donate!

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