Alusonic Wins the Award for the Most Unique Little Bass Cabs

Alusonic specializes in aluminum basses. They are to bass what Trick are to drums and Electrical Guitar Company/Travis Bean are to guitars. But now Alusonic are branching out into the world of cabinets. Their first foray is the ALU112. Now I know this may be a shocker given the name of the product, but it’s an aluminum cabinet with one 12″ speaker. That aluminum is aircraft-grade hardshell, so you slip covers are optional. The speaker appears to be Alusonic’s own design because I can’t find any other manufacturing info, but it’s 8 ohms, handles 400 Watts RMS, and has a Neodynium magnet, so the entire enclosure weighs a mere 20 pounds. Also included are two Neutrik Speakon connectors (in and link), and rear ports.


Companies like Alusonic are just fun to keep up with. Sure, not everyone wants an aluminum instrument, but that’s the point. By catering to those of us who like to break out of the usual wooden mold (er… frame, I guess), Alusonic at the very least give us something to talk about. Quite a few companies have released little stackable 112 bass cabs, but not many of them look like 2nd gen iMacs, or could withstand a drop from a 5th story window.

alusonic-alu112-ports  alusonic-alu112-rear

The ALU112 comes to you straight from Italy with a sticker price of $869 for the standard version, and $995 if you want a 1″ tweeter included (with a 2.5 kHz crossover) as well. Learn more at Alusonic’s website.

Source: No Treble 

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