NAMM 2014: Electrical Guitar Co and Travis Bean Designs Put the Metal Back Into Guitars. Literally.

And here were are, the final NAMM 2014 video. I have some postpartum depression here. We have a neat one to close things out though: aluminum or aluminum/wood hybrid guitars from Electrical Guitar Co and Travis Bean Designs.


Electrical Guitar Co has some big names hands holding their metal bodies, including Mastodon”s Brent Hinds, The Melvins” King Buzzo, The Jesus Lizard/Tomahawk”s Duane Dennison. Kurt Ballou hipped us to the company when we were filming him at the Orange booth, so he walked us down. Sure, aluminum guitars aren”t for everyone, but casino they have their own unique character tonally and visually.

Travis Bean Designs shared the booth, since the company is in close partnership with Electrical. The backstory is that Travis Bean was the big name in aluminum and hybrid guitars back in the late 70s. Guys like Steve Albini, Jerry Garcia, Greg Lake, and Duane Dennison used them. However, there was never a large production run and only a few thousand were made. He briefly produced another very limited run in 1997, and that was all. After Travis” passing in 2011 a deal was struck with Electrical to continue the work Travis started in 1997 and bring that run of prototypes to life, and here we are.

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