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He did, however, grow a third testicle while shredding inside the moon.

Your go-to NAMM 2017 performance schedule list.

Brent Hinds magically switches outfits in between riff demonstrations.

Because when your pickups need "No F***ing Batteries," you've got to do something with them.

Ray, when someone asks you if you want a lesson with Brent Hinds, you say "Yes!"

My Divinations are telling me you might win this White Whale of a prize.

And by the way, they also have new 7-string models of the Drop & Gain and Nitro Hemi pickups.

I call bullshit on the dog DVD though. We all know how camera-shy dogs can be.

Dissonant Aggressors meet Hammerclaws. Kind of sounds like they should blaze a path of destruction through a well-populated city, huh?