Lace Pickups’ New Brent Hinds Signature Pickups In Action

When Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher announced his signature Dissonant Aggressors pickups from Lace, I was wondering how long it would take until Brent Hinds came out with his own model. Well, the answer was “not long.” Brent and Bill were both at NAMM, and Brent’s new pickups, the HammerClaws, were on display (albeit without final graphic design on the box).


Now pickup demoing enthusiast Ryan Bruce has once again been given early access so he could show off the tone of these monsters. Sure sounds like Mastodon. Check out his video below.

And by the way, it looks like Lace has extended their expanded range… um, I mean expanded their extended range pickup selection. In the past the company’s distinct Alumitone pickups were the front-and-center choice, but they also have 7-string versions of the Drop & Gain and Nitro Hemi pickups available as well.

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