NAMM 2014: Lace Pickups Has New Signature Pickups from BOTH Mastodon Guitarists

You already knew about Lace Pickups’ new Dissonant Aggressors pickups right? From Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher? Of course you did. Well now Bill’s bandmate Brent Hinds is following suit and releasing his own set, the Hammerclaws. They’re new enough that Lace didn’t have a box yet and just went all arts-n-crafts on us NAMM attendees. Lace main man Don Lace showed them off for us in the video below, and also talks about the company’s existing Matt Pike and Wino pickups for those of you not in the know.


We didn’t stick around to talk to Bill and Brent because there was an army of Mastodon fans waiting to see them, but I did spot Brent (and Evan Brewer) at the Intronaut post-NAMM show later that night, so that was pretty cool.

*note: The gaming dork in me had to go on record and point out that Golden Axe was an arcade video game, and not a pinball machine. And then the series went on to a couple Sega Genesis home versions. Avoid the modern PS3/360 version at all costs.

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