Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher Released His Signature Lace Pickups (updated)

For those of you who appreciate all tones Mastodon, you now have new piece of gear to covet. Guitarist/theguywhodoesn’tsing Bill Kelliher has teamed up with Lace Pickups to release a signature pickup set, the Dissonant Aggressors.


I’ve been critical of the fidelity of demo videos in the past because our ears inevitably compare the tones to albums, which usually have more love slaved on the tracking and mixing. But anyway, the guitars sound great in this video. Out of curiosity, how do you guys feel about layered guitars like this in a demo video (the rhythm guitars are quad-tracked). I know some people are purists and want one guitar track, mic’ed with just an SM57 and no EQ. I can see the argument, but personally I want to hear a guitar recorded how I’d actually track it for a more apples to apples comparison.

Oh, right, the Dissonant Aggressors. They’re out now, and you can pick them up directly from Lace Pickups if you want to blaze the trail with these things, or at least co-blaze it right behind Bill.

Update: I made a mistake in the original post and stated that the design was based off of the Dirty Heshers pickups, but in fact the design is an original one developed by Lace with Bill’s input.


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