MI Audio Releases the Megalith Gamma Amplifier, and Sells it Direct

MI Audio continues its foray into amplifiers with its new Megalith Gamma. This is the fourth amp they’ve put out, and the third still in production since their first head, the 4-channel Revelation, has been discontinued.


MI originally made a name for itself with its excellent line of distortion pedals. Their Crunch Box is one of the few overdrive boxes I’d recommend keeping in a gig bag in case your amp shits the bed and you need to plug into some random clean channel (although to be fair I haven’t played the recently released Megalith Delta pedal, based on the preamps from the Megalith heads), and the Polyanna is the coolest fuzz I’ve ever played through (the glitched out octave up and down filters are fun as hell).

But back to the Megalith Gamma head, it’s the younger sibling of the Megalith Beta, with half the watts: 80 out of two KT88/6550 tubes instead of 160 out of four. Also, the Gamma has a shared EQ between the clean and dirty channel, although a pretty cool feature is that you can kind of split the difference by disabling the EQ on one of the channels. I don’t know why no space-saving amps have done that before.

Check out the videos below. I do think that MI Audio is hurting themselves a bit with the recording fidelity of these videos. One is the guitar only, and the other one that has drums only seems to have a mono guitar track (not including the solo) for most of its running time. I’ve literally never seen an MI Audio amp in the U.S. so these videos are all I have to go on. It sounds cool, but I’m not amazed. I’d love to hear a fully pro-studio quality recording of one, because I’m a fan of their pedals and I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Speaking of which, for adventurous souls with a spare $2000 laying around, MI Audio is offering free shipping, from Australia, and a 14-day return policy.

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