This Mastodon Guitar Lesson Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch Today

As you may be aware, Brent Hinds was recently the subject of the new entry in The Sound and the Story, Fret12’s documentary and lesson video series on guitar players (his Mastodon bandmate Bill Kelliher got the same treatment earlier this year). I haven’t had a chance to check either of the docs out yet, but I’m sure they’re great… like, these are two of the most interesting people and guitarists in modern metal.


During our downtime over the holidays we missed out on blasting this clip that Fret12 is teasing from Brent’s piece, a riff lesson with parts from “Oblivion” off 2009’s Crack the Skye. This is a great vid because the song and riffs are really cool, and also because Brent is maybe totally crazy. Awesome dude. Check it out:

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  • Man, I have to break out my Mastodon records. Great stuff.

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