Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher To Get Documentary Treatment

One of my favorite modern guitar players is Bill Kelliher of Mastodon. Although Brent Hinds tends to get much of the attention when it comes to guitar playing in that band, Bill’s far more than a dark horse – in addition to writing some of Mastodon’s best-known riffs and songs, his rhythm chops are a fundamental building block of the band’s sound. And of course, he has a killer handlebar stache.


So I was stoked to see that Fret12 is featuring Bill in a mini documentary, “The Sound And The Story” which combines his personal musical development with the Mastodon story and a lengthy guitar instructional segment. I’m pretty excited about this, as nowadays the media tends to separate an artist’s life from the nitty-gritty of their work, and there are few modern metal bands going whose lives are more intertwined with their art than Mastodon.

Fret12 just dropped the trailer, and it looks great. Check it out below:

Bill Kelliher: The Sound and The Story drops on August 14th. Get more details here.

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