Contest: Win a Set of Mastodon Guitarist Bill Kelliher’s Signature Dissonant Aggressors Lace Pickups

Look pal, we need to talk about your pickups. They just don’t rock enough. They rock a little, but they don’t Mastodon rock. Would you play “Blood and Thunder” on those things? I didn’t think so.


Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher began playing Lace Pickups a little while ago and loved them enough to design his own signature Lace Dissonant Aggressor pickups. And the band was happy enough with the sound that fellow guitarist Brent Hinds quickly followed suit and got his own custom design as well. So if you’re The Hunter, on the lookout for the perfect guitar tone to rattle around in your Crystal Skull, maybe these are what you need?

Well, have a free pair, courtesy of Lace. We’re running a contest to win Bill’s pickups*, and you don’t even have to write a riff that can rattle Blood Mountain. Nah, you do that after you get the pickups. All you have to do is enter your info in the form below by no later than 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday, April 30th.

*note: badass mustache not included.

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