Fortis Amor give us the full rig treatment in this Gear Gods RIGGED video, peep it now:


So I’d never heard of Fortis Amor until my man Trey at Gear Gods was like “Yo C-Dog, give this RIGGED video a write up” (editor’s note: I never said that). I’m glad he introduced me to them though cause they bring the mo’fuckin’ rukus, but when I say “them” I really mean “him” as this band is only one dude; Ryan Duke. Check him out here giving a rundown of all the shiz he uses to get the sounds necessary to sound massive. This shit is highly melodic and quite pretty to be fair, but at the same time is full of odd time signatures and poly-rhythmic craziness, highly impressive to say that Ryan writes all of the stuff, plays it and records it himself.

The new debut self-titled album has just been released and looks really spaced out and cool. Ryan explains that the concept for the panoramic image “was derived not only from the tattoos that I have, but from the songs on the album themselves. The man on the cover is being torn apart which comes from the song “Particles” which starts the album. The art coincides with the rest of the tracks too, essentially focusing on redemption, hope and getting your life pieced back together to become more of who you were meant to be.” It’s always cool when a band’s artwork is more than just a picture of something that looks “metal” for the sake of it. Go have a look, listen to the album and get carried away to another dimension while getting your life back on track.

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